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5. Taco Bell’s Bellbeefer


Taco Bell’s version of a Sloppy Joe was included in the restaurant’s original 1962 menu, but most likely due to its “think outside the bun” campaign in the ’90s, the beloved item was nixed from the franchise.

6. Nabisco Swiss Cheese Crackers


Popular in the ’80s, Nabisco discontinued their Swiss cheese-flavored crackers, which upset many. There’s even a Facebook page called “Bring Back Nabisco Swiss Cheese Crackers!” dedicated to its revival.

7. Shark Bites


Shark Bites, which were advertised as a healthy fruit snack, were actually just sugary shark-shaped gummies. They didn’t make it into the new millennium because of this farce, but they were still delicious.

8. Jell-O 1-2-3


Introduced in 1969 and discontinued in 1996, this ULTIMATE JELLO SUPREME PACKAGE OF DELIGHT was separated into three distinct textural layers: a creamy top, a mousse-like middle, and plain Jello bottom.

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