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Like a hulk of a St. Bernard that thinks it’s a tiny shih tzu, awesome things sometimes plop into our laps—a beautiful sunset, a stumbled upon TV show, a video of a guinea pig-sized goat frolicking with a friend.

Sometimes, these things are taken from us too soon—the night snuffing the beautiful pinks of dusk, early cancellation of a favorite television series, someone committing the ultimate crime against cute by pulling a mini-goat video from the interwebs.

Once these things are gone, they’re usually gone for good. But sometimes they get a second chance.

Case in point— French Toast Crunch!

The passionate fans of the once defunct breakfast cereal recently got the ultimate treat at the bottom of the box when General Mills re-released the sugary delight.

Yet, this doesn’t seem fair. Why do only those who bow at the altar of French Toast Crunchism get to have all the fun? There are tons of other extinct nibbles and sip-friendly sodas of yesteryear we wish would be re-released. So, here is our list of 24 snacks and drinks we hope return to stores.

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1. Planter’s Cheez Balls


Discontinued in 2006, our fingers became a little less cheese dusty with the loss of these.

2. Reese’s Elvis Peanut Butter & Banana Creme Cups


This layered cup was filled with hunka-hunka-burning love: banana and peanut butter in a chocolate Reese’s cup. It was released in tribute to Elvis Presley and is pretty difficult to come by since its discontinuation.

3. Clearly Canadian


Discontinued before the new millennium, the company is currently doing a crowd-sourcing campaign to bring it back. EVERYONE EMPTY YOUR POCKETS IMMEDIATELY. I loved this stuff!

4. Doritos 3D


In the mid-2000s, Frito Lay released these air-filled nuggets of heaven and discontinued them just a few years later, robbing the world of a true delicacy. The now-defunct snack still has a passionate fan base. In fact, one staffer claims, “The only reason they failed was because they were ahead of their time. They were the Sir Isaac Newton of junk food.”

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