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These days it’s easier than ever to purchase whatever we want. I’m sure we’ve all gone a little crazy from time to time with the “add to cart” button available on so many sites. While the convenience is great, the product you buy might not be exactly what it claimed to be. Without much to go on except for the picture provided by the retailer, online shoppers sure put a lot of trust in their virtual purchases.

While I’m sure a lot of us have been duped by a product we thought was “such a great deal” at the time, there’s no doubt the following people had it worse. Let’s take a look at some of the most disappointing things people have bought online!

Doll-Sized Face Mask


When it comes to shopping online, one of the things at the top of my list to check for is dimensions. I’ve heard all too many horror stories of mistakenly purchasing child-sized furniture or dollhouse-sized kitchen gadgets.

In the case of this face mask, however, I don’t think the fault is on the buyer. I wouldn’t think to check the dimensions of a face mask, seeing as pretty much every human as a similar-sized face – at least for the purposes of this mask. I’m left wondering if the manufacturer made a mistake or if the product is this size on purpose. Either way, it’s a very unfortunate purchase!

Birthday Cake Fail


Talk about selling a false bill of goods! The cake on the left is super cute – a classic Minnie Mouse theme with bright pink and polka dots. Very appropriate for a child’s birthday party. The cake on the right, however, not so much.

I can’t help but think the place this person ordered the cake from stole the photo on the left and put it up on their website to get more orders. The decorator, unfortunately, didn’t quite have the skills to pull it off. To be fair, I couldn’t make this cake either. Then again, I’m not selling my bungled creations to strangers online!

Sad Flowers


Here’s another case of false advertising. I’m sure these flowers were meant to brighten up someone’s day – after all, who doesn’t love fresh flowers, especially when they are arranged in an adorable lion face? Too bad the product was anything but cheerful.

At least both arrangements have the same kind of flowers, but that’s about where the similarity ends. The bouquet on the right is noticeably duller and drearier, and that lion face… That’s the stuff of nightmares right there. I hope they got a refund!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


It’s one thing to order a Charlie Brown tree on purpose, but quite another to have one delivered when you were expecting a full, 6 foot, pre-lighted tree and ended up with…this.

Hopefully this person was able to order a replacement in time for Christmas! Or better yet, they should probably go to the store and purchase one the old fashioned way.

Giant Skinny Jeans


I’ll admit that I do my fair share of shopping online, but I’ve yet to cross over into clothes-buying territory. Case in point, these absurdly long jeans. The picture on the left shows a regular pair of jeans with a 32-inch inseam (the same size as the person ordered) next to the pair of jeans purchased online.

Yeah. This is more than a few inches off. Who would even fit into these pants? What was the manufacturer thinking? I’ll stick to trying things on first, thanks.

See more disappointing online purchases in the video below!