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We love crackers and we also love chips and dip. These should not be major revelations to anyone, since they’re fun to eat and are beyond delicious.

Now, the girls are all having their own dip nights and sharing them on TikTok. There are a number of TikTok creators who have jumped on this idea and we are loving their videos.

Photo: Pixabay

Dip nights are a great way to get together with the girls, aren’t they? These nights have an interesting twist to them, as well. Everyone gets together with their friends and instead of crowding around the same dip all night, each new arrival brings one of their own.

Photo: CANVA

These events can be hosted alongside a PowerPoint Night. In case you are unfamiliar, this is where TikTok users take the time to drop their most searing takes about the dips while they are eating.

Photo: Pixabay

Who doesn’t love to mix good food with good opinions? In our travels on TikTok, there are certain dips that seem to pop up more often than others. People clearly love buffalo chicken dip and we can’t blame them. There are all sorts of other unique dips to choose from on there, including dips that are made out of candy!

TikTok user 2brynkramer16 sums up the concept pretty well in the video they shared. Check it out below:


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