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As certified pickle lovers, we are enjoying all of the new products and dishes that incorporate this flavor, and the latest hard seltzer from BrüMate and Crook & Marker might just be the best of all.

The Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer started out as an April Fools’ Day joke when the drinkware company BrüMate posted about their “new” pickle beverage on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/bru.mate

They wrote on April 1st, “Don’t be in a pickle when it comes to choosing your favorite hard seltzer! We’re committed to providing our BrüCrew with the perfect drinking experience- it’s only fitting that we bring you the Afternoon Dillight, the world’s first Pickle Hard Seltzer!”

While it started as a joke, BrüMate ended up partnering with Crook & Marker to bring the idea to life! It definitely feels like a summertime drink, that is for sure.

They shared the news on Instagram, saying, “Hard Pickle Seltzer has entered the chat. What started as a joke is officially real. We’ve teamed up with @crookandmarker to bring you Afternoon Dillight—a one-of-a-brine pickilicious experience that packs a crunch (and a buzz). This is a limited release dropping this summer, so get on the pre-order VIPickle list to make sure you don’t miss out. Welcome to the world of @crookdbru—link in bio.”

Photo: Instagram/bru.mate

At 100 calories, zero sugar, and 5% ABV, each can is designed to measure up to all of the favorites that you know and love.

Hard seltzer season is here and now you get to try a whole new variation. The other hard seltzers that you know and love will never be able to live up to this one. Pickles and booze may not seem like the most natural combination but there are thousands of people who disagree.

You should have seen the response that took place after the April Fools’ Day prank! BrüMate and Crook & Marker made their joke and in less than a day, they had over 10,000 signatures to make it a reality.

As it turns out, the Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer had legions of fans before it was even released. This is something that even the most famous hard seltzers companies cannot claim to match. Only a select few have gotten their hands on one so far, like @mrheelyagirl who shared a photo holding a can.

Photo: Instagram/mrheelyagirl

While the seltzer doesn’t currently have a release date, we do know that it’s coming out this summer for a limited release and you can pre-order it here!