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2020 was one of those years that most of us would like to forget. The only good part for many of us was the opportunity to binge-watch Netflix every single day. Some people even joked that they “finished Netflix” but it is something that kept us coming back for more. Perhaps that is why we were so disappointed when Netflix said goodbye and cut The Office loose at the beginning of 2021. The news was stressful but Peacock wanted to make sure we weren’t completely left in the lurch.

If you happen to be a fan of The Office, you probably could quote almost every line. That is no longer the case, however, because Peacock is going back into the archives and sharing some new gems with all of us. They wanted to do so to also let people know that The Office is now streaming on their own network.

One of the things that most of us have come to appreciate about The Office is the ongoing struggle between Dwight Shrute and Jim Halpert. It always seemed that Jim had a prank up his sleeve and they often happened on the cold open of those episodes. Perhaps you can remember the meatball prank or the standing desk prank. You never knew what he had in store.

Peacock is now sharing a never-before-seen prank that was Jim’s most elaborate ever. It involved trying to make Dwight believe that he was stuck in “The Matrix” and it is epic.

There were many people who joined that opening, including a black cat that Pam had trained. Even Hank, the security guard, got involved and played Dorpheus, the brother of Morpheus.

Dorpheus called Dwight and invited him to come to the warehouse. He then offers Dwight a choice of either a red pill or a blue pill. Dwight’s choice would determine if he would stay in the matrix or not.

Watch the YouTube video from Peacock below with the full scene and enjoy:

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