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A Pennsylvania couple decided to throw tradition and layered wedding cake aside to make way for a life-sized deer.

The insanely large cake was designed by Pam McNeal at the Shady Maple Farm Market in East Earl, Pennsylvania. Since being posted on Facebook earlier this month, it has since gone viral:

Look at this amazing specialty cake our Cake Decorating Supervisor, Pam McNeal at the Shady Maple Farm Market made. Truly incredible work!

Posted by Shady Maple Smorgasbord on Saturday, October 5, 2019

Using only a set of plastic antlers the newlyweds gave them, the bakers used Styrofoam to make the deer’s neck and head but made sure the rest of the body was entirely edible.

It took the team over 10 hours to create and was big enough to feed all 250 wedding guests.

Posted by Shady Maple Farm Market on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

People on Facebook are enjoying the chance to make puns on the post:

“Wow what an awesome cake. You really did a great job. I wouldn’t even cut it,” one person wrote.

“Break out your doe I heard it’s only a buck a slice,” another person joked.

“WOW, I would want to freeze it and never eat it. That is truly a work of art!!!” someone else wrote.

It turns out that the deer wasn’t the first large animal Shady Maple have created. In the past, bakers crafted cakes that look like a dog’s head, a dinosaur head, a tiger, and a pig.