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Everyone has a certain drawer in their home that is filled with assorted items that we are never actually going to use. This drawer is typically known as the “junk drawer.” You’ll find all sorts of odds and ends in this drawer. Whether it’s old mail, paper clips, random items that you can’t find use for, or old batteries, there are no shortage of items that can be found in these drawers.

When you are in search of a new battery, this drawer can be incredibly frustrating, as you pull each battery out with a burst of hope only to have it not work. That’s why we are here to provide you with this awesome hack that is designed to help out. Anyone who is struggling to find a battery will definitely want to read on and learn more. All you need to do is grab the batteries you are trying to find out more about and put them to a simple test.

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Are you close to a hard, flat surface? If so, you can drop them upright and learn more about their functionality. Any battery that is still good is not going to bounce. They land with a thud or a thump and tend to remain upright. If the battery has gone bad, though? These batteries are going to bounce numerous times before falling over onto their sides.

No more cramming the drawer full of dead batteries and items that we are never actually going to be using again in our lifetimes.

If you would like to see this amazing hack in action, be sure to check out the informative video below.

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