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Oreo cookies are a snack classic. Everyone loves the classic black and white cookies. And while you should never mess with perfection, Oreo still has managed to give us a variety of flavors – each as delicious as the next. We all love the seasonal Oreos that come out during the holidays. But now there is something even better: customizable Oreos. And they’re just in time for the holidays. Can you think of a better edible gift?

It’s so easy to customize your special Oreos online, with the website having various design options to choose from. These make great holiday gifts. And the OREOiD feature on the website lets you pick from eight different creme filling colors. The colors to select from are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white. You can purchase 20 two-count packs of cookies for $2.50 each, or get five eight-count boxes for $8.95 each. There is also the option for a box of 24 cookies for $19.95. Pricing can also be affected by minimum order requirements since there is a minimum order necessary for both the two-count and eight-count boxes.

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Of course, you can choose different colored fillings but the ability to customize your cookies doesn’t stop there. Oreo also has the option to dip your cookies if desired. You can have them dipped in their white or classic fudge, as well as add sprinkles to the top of the cookies. There is also the very personal addition of including either photos or text to the side of your Oreos. For these special Oreos the company does have choices of 20 one-count boxes, a minimum of five four-count boxes, or a 12-count or 24-count box option. And the prices all vary from $2.50 each all the way up to $52.95 for the 24-count box.

But given the spirit of the holidays, there’s bound to be the right pick for everyone. What is most exciting about these cookies is that it’s the first time ever that Oreo has allowed its customers to get creative with the creation of their Oreos. There is definitely plenty to choose from in order to create the perfect edible gift for that special someone in your life – even if it’s you!