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You have to love inventions that make life easier. Take, for example, a crepe machine. Now, we all enjoy a good crepe every now and again, but let’s be honest, how hard are they to make?

You got to get the consistency just right or else you end up with a disaster on your hands, and no one wants that. Luckily, for those of us that might struggle to make the perfect crepe, there is a solution.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Japanese company called Morirobo has invented The Q Crepe Robot, which is a brand new original series of automatic crepe-makers.

But besides their functionality, they also have a really unique look to them as they resemble vintage record players. They even spin around like a record player would!

Photo: YouTube/morirobo

This new appliance easily fits on any kitchen counter and can be used to make the most perfect crepes or pancakes you could ever imagine. All you need to do is just push a button and bam! There they are.

The company shares photos and videos of the device on social media so you can see just how they work.

In fact, as the product description states (translated), “Crepe Robot Q will bake a uniform dough with the touch of a start button.”

Since The Q Crepe Robot’s invention, the company has just been busy perfecting perfection with its range of appliances which can be used to create a whole array of different crepe and pancake designs.

Check out the video of the crepe machine in action down below:

How do you make your crepes? Would you want to give this machine a go? Have you ever bought something similar? Let us know!

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