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Redecorating any part of the home can be an enjoyable, albeit frustrating experience. That is especially true when it comes to the kitchen.

We realize that this room needs to be functional, but it also needs to be beautiful because it is often the showpiece of the home. Unfortunately, we are somewhat limited when it comes to the surfaces in the kitchen, but one company is offering us something unique.


If you are looking for something different, elegant, and beautiful for your kitchen countertop, table, or even a desk, you can turn to Live Edge Slabs LLC. They are a small firm located in both Texas and Florida and what they have to offer is truly turning heads.

When a family came to the company and asked them to create something different for their in-home bar, they came up with something that they knew the world needed to see. Not only did they create the surface for the family, but they also posted it on Facebook, and thousands of people have loved it since then.


When you look at the countertop surface, you see that it is beyond granite. It is something that looks like a seashore, but it is created out of wood and epoxy.

What do you get when you have something truly unique to offer? You get a lot of extra customers! Since posting that picture in July 2020, many other customers have come to them to look for a similar design. They have created others and posted them on Facebook as well.


Live Edge Slabs uses natural would grain in all of its work. Wood has a unique beauty of its own but then they create some faux finishes that take things to the next level. When you look at the finished work for yourself, it’s almost as if you can see the ripples of the water and hear the sound of the waves as they lap the seashore.

On June 10, they shared another picture of a larger project. It was another table created for a Florida customer with six seats, all of which had a view of the ocean.

Beautiful ocean table arrived at its new forever home today. We’d like to thank our customers for always sharing their…

Posted by Live Edge Slabs LLC on Thursday, June 10, 2021

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