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Ah, the humble cranberry. Tiny and tart, these red little spheres are a harbinger of the holiday season in the very best way. They lend their unique flavor to the holiday table and a celebratory meal just wouldn’t feel complete without them. Could you really say it’s Christmas dinner without cranberries? Probably not. While we’re all accustomed to the usual bowl of cranberry sauce in the middle of the table, there’s more than one way to make sure you get your cranberry fix this season. In fact, here are 12. This list has ideas for sweet desserts and quick breads, fun appetizers and stunning sides. You can be sure you’ll find a cranberry concoction that’s worthy of the sparkle of the season, and that you won’t have to rely on that plain ol’ can of cranberries for it.

You’ll find links to recipes for all of these fabulous cranberry dishes at the end of the list!

Baked Camembert with Cranberry Sauce

Why settle for a boring bowl of cranberry sauce when you can cut a wheel of cheese in half, top it with some cranberry goodness, and bake it until it’s melty, gooey, sweet, and tart? If you ask us, this baked Camembert is the perfect way to start a holiday meal.

Sparkling Cranberry Cocktail

There’s no reason that your cranberry fix this season can’t be in liquid form, and this singular cocktail is the way to do it. It’s sparkly, light, and sweet with just the perfect hint of cranberry tartness.

Pecan Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

These are not your mama’s oatmeal cookies for sure! They have salty, crunchy pecans and plenty of chewy bursts of cranberry flavor. It’s a recipe everyone requests and we’re always happy to share.

Next up: Cranberries for breakfast and a no-cook cranberry relish that you’ll end up using every year. Click the next page button for more!

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