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We have certainly seen our share of restrictions over the past couple of years. The coronavirus has taken its toll in more ways than we can possibly count at this point. This includes restrictions that may be in place when it comes to the US Canadian border.

In years past, it was common to cross the border and some people would travel without any restrictions. For the past couple of years, however, the restrictions have been very difficult on those who needed to get across the border for personal reasons.

Photo: flickr/Spend A Day Touring, LLC

That includes one woman who was originally from Québec but now lives in New York state. Her name is Karen Mahoney, and she missed being able to visit her family every week in Canada.

According to CBS News, Mahoney was ready to get married and her husband-to-be, Brian Ray, lived in New York as well. They met whenever they were youngsters, and 35 years after their friendship started, a proposal took place and Mahoney said yes.

Photo: YouTube/CBS News

Mahoney spoke to CBS News, saying they didn’t want to have a long engagement. They were planning their wedding in September but they were also hoping the border would be open.

When they learned that the border would still be closed and COVID was still causing serious problems, they were devastated. Mahoney was upset because she wanted her family to attend but they got an idea from a friend who was a border patrol agent.

Photo: YouTube/CBS News

It seems as if he had a trick up his sleeve. He got them a location where they could say, “I Do” and it would be a very accommodating experience for them. The location was at the border crossing on the border of New York and Québec, Canada.

As it turns out, they had their wedding and even her 96-year-old grandmother was able to attend. It’s a bright spot on what has been a very difficult couple of years. Watch the video below to see more of their wedding:

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