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Due to the coronavirus, Cosco stopped handing out free food samples in the store in early March. Policies have been put in place since that time, and Cosco has said that the food samples are going to be returning. The thing is, they may look a little different.

USA Today reported on something that came out during Cosco’s quarterly earnings call. It seems as if the chief financial officer, Richard Galanti, hinted that samples would be returning: “We’re going to start doing some things in mid-June on a slow rollout basis in sampling,” he said, with an emphasis on safety. “I can’t tell you any more, but needless to say it’s not going to be where you go and just pick up an open sample with your fingers.”

Photo: Pixabay

Now that Costco’s in-store food courts are reopening, this new announcement is not a big surprise. Cosco started reopening those food courts in mid-May, although they did offer a limited menu of some of their most popular foods, such as hot dogs, pizza, and soda. There still is not any on-location seating available and all the food must be taken to-go.

The ongoing pandemic has presented somewhat of a problem for Cosco and other similar stores. They continue to work on their store policies in order to maintain the highest level of safety. For example, it is necessary to wear a face mask if you are an employee or a visitor to the store as of May 4. Some of the rules have been lifted, such as 2 shoppers per membership ID. That being said, Cosco is still encouraging social distancing for the safety of everyone involved.

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