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It’s no secret we’re fans of desserts around here. From Chocolate Oasis Pie to Strawberry Lemonade Blondies, we’ve pretty much covered it all. While decadent desserts certainly have their place in our lives (and our waistlines), sometimes all it takes to satisfy that sweet tooth is a simple sugar cookie.

But just because these cookies aren’t dripping with chocolate or stuffed with strawberries, doesn’t mean they have to be plain! Let’s take a look at some super simple ways to take your sugar cookie skills to a whole new level.

Triple Cookie Swirl

YouTube/So Yummy

Some people say that less is more. And while that’s true for some things, I think we can all agree when it comes to cookies, more is more. When you’re in a “more is more” mood, try out this triple swirl cookie. Now, I say “more is more” because these cookies end up getting pretty big, but I think you can handle it. I believe in you.

For this, you’ll need three separate balls of dough, in varying colors. The one in this example is made with regular sugar cookie dough, chocolate sugar cookie dough, and a mixture of the two for the lighter brown color. You could just as easily use a bit of food coloring if you want all the same dough, but different colors.

Once you have your dough separated, grab a chunk from each ball and form smaller balls of dough, placing them together in a triangle shape before squishing them down with a glass container, like a Pyrex dish. Twist the glass slightly to create a swirl!

Geometric Cookie

YouTube/So Yummy

This is such a fun idea, and so simple, too. That’s a win-win in my book. Make your favorite sugar cookie dough and make small balls of dough, flattening them slightly. Then, grab a wire rack and press down slightly, just enough to make indentations in the dough. Switch up the angle and stamp the wire rack down again.

Repeat as many times as you want! This would also work great for peanut butter cookies if you want to swap out the classic fork criss-cross for a wire rack criss-cross!

Pasta Petals

YouTube/So Yummy

Okay, how awesome is this idea?! Who knew pasta could be used to decorate cookies? If you happen to have a box of penne pasta around, go ahead and grab a dried noodle and get to work.

Make your sugar cookie dough and roll it out. Then, use a circular cookie cutter to get nice even circles. Next, press the end of the noodle into the soft dough, making petal impressions. Start in the middle of the cookie and work your way towards the edges for the perfect petal cookies.

Crochet Cookie

YouTube/So Yummy

I am all about that crochet life, so of course when I came upon this cookie decorating tip, I had to share. Go ahead and make your favorite sugar cookie dough and roll it out flat. Then, using the lid of a Skippy peanut butter jar (or any lid that has ridges around the rim), and roll it across the dough in a zig-zag line.

The key to getting it to look like rows of crochet stitches is to angle the lid just slightly when going back across the dough each time, making sure there are no space in between rows.

Glassprint Cookie

YouTube/So Yummy

Okay, I really, really like this little trick. The end result gives off a sort of eclectic vintage vibe. Wouldn’t these be fun to serve at a fancy brunch? I’m picturing them with a light drizzle of lemon or almond icing on top. Or you could leave them plain and then dip them in tea. Yum…

Enough distractions. This is pretty straight forward. Place balls of cookie dough a few inches apart on a sheet pan and then grab a few different glasses with fun designs on the bottom. Vases are great to use as well.

Rainbow Flowers

YouTube/So Yummy

While I love all of these tricks, I saved my favorite for last. How adorable are these rainbow flower cookies?! Seriously, I cannot get over what a fun idea this is. Plus, it’s ridiculously easy. How have I never thought of this before?

Grab a few different colors of Kool-Aid and pour them into separate bowls. Once your dough is rolled into balls and placed on a sheet pan, dip a whisk into one bowl of Kool-Aid and press it down on to of the ball, creating a flower stamp. Repeat the process with different colors.

Get more cookie ideas in the video below!

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