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A lot of Boomers will poke fun at Millennials for a variety of reasons, but there is no denying that we’re the first generation that is facing a serious housing crisis. If you’re like me in your early 30s and looking at mortgages and the like, the pickings are quite slim.

Purchasing a four-bed family home is becoming more and more of a pipe dream for the younger generations of today. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of different alternatives to the traditional homeownership. We’re seeing a rise in lifestyles such as van life. We’re seeing a rise in tiny homes. And we’re also seeing the rise of alternative structure conversions.

Photo: flickr/bossco

Enter the newest idea of the barndominium, or barndo. Essentially, it’s a converted barn that can be built anywhere of your choosing. You really got to hand it to some people’s creativity if you want the freedom of having a space that’s truly your own without necessarily having to contend with crazy mortgage repayments.

The nice thing about the barndominium is that it does give you a chance to seek out a more peaceful existence in a greener space.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There are many advantages to this alternative home option, the biggest one being that it does allow for potential savings. Essentially, the barndominium is a pre-made kit that you can easily assemble yourself using cheaper materials such as steel in lieu of wood. As a result, the savings are astronomical given that a barndominium will range in cost from $28 to $49 per square foot. This is a big difference as HomeGuide shares that building a traditional home will be much pricier – around $100 to $155 per square foot.

But that isn’t the only savings you’d potentially be looking at. Since it’s a more sustainable option and is more energy-efficient, the barndominium has the potential to save you costs in energy and heating. Given that the structure is built using metal, they’re much easier to insulate. They also come with energy-efficient windows and insulation, as well as better building seals to reduce the escape of heat.

Photo: Pixabay/Kapa65

Having the dream to build your dream home doesn’t have to feel so impossible these days. The barndominiums are proving to be a much cheaper alternative to traditional home buying or building. The barndomoniums come with high ceilings and open floor plans, meaning that the customizability of your space is endless. They also come in a variety of sizes such as 30’x40’ (1,200 square feet), 40’x75’ (3,000 square feet), and 60’x70’ (4,200 square feet) – so you really can create your dream space.

What do you think go the Barndomonium? Would you ever build one? Let us know!

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