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It doesn’t matter how long you have been using a computer, there is always something new to learn. Some of it may be due to new technology and we all have to go back to school from time to time.

There may also be things that you just didn’t know existed, although they have been right under your nose all along.


That is exactly what a member of the TikTok community shared on his MacBook keyboard. It was a shortcut that most people found surprising, and perhaps even a little life-changing.

@mac_hacks is the account that shared this video, and they also share a number of other tips and tricks that you can use when operating your MacBook.


Since posting this video, millions of people have already watched it. It may have been a keyboard shortcut that existed for many years, but very few people knew about this shortcut that changes the volume on your computer.


The keyboard shortcut showed how you could adjust the volume on your MacBook in “much smaller increments.” It’s a relatively simple thing to do, just hold down your shift and option key at the same time while using your volume button.


Haters will say they knew this already…. #mactips #macbooktips #macbookhacks #fypシ

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As he puts it, it’s a way to fine-tune your computer’s volume so it is exactly where you want it to be.