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Spiked seltzers have been enjoying a moment in the sun lately and rightfully so. These beverages are the life of any party, providing us with a wonderful alternative to the beers and wines that we are too used to. Of course, all trends have to come to an end one day. Too many companies are throwing their hat into the ring and there’s so many to choose from these days.

However, those burned-out feelings are about to be replaced with pure jubilation. Topo Chico spiked seltzer is on the horizon and Coca-Cola has done it again! Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves in the meantime, though. We have yet to taste the seltzer. Plus, the seltzer will be coming to Latin American cities before it makes its way into the United States.

Coca-Cola spoke with Bloomberg about the matter and offered the necessary reassurances about the beverage’s arrival Stateside. Supposedly, we will be able to enjoy the Topo Chico spiked seltzer in 2021. The photos that we have seen showcase the Tangy Lemon Lime flavor, but we are not sure if we are going to have access to any more flavors at the present time.

Coca-Cola will provide additional details when they are available and we will be sure to pass them along to our readers. Topo Chico is one of the most beloved beverages in Northern Mexico, but United States residents are slowly catching on to its awesomeness. Texas residents are spreading the gospel as we speak, and anyone who has ever had a sip can confirm that the hype is very real.

Coke purchased the company back in 2017, and now, this hybrid will be making its way to store shelves soon enough. When the announcement was made, people began to lose their minds on social media. The company spoke about the decision, citing Topo Chico’s popularity for mixed drinks as part of their reasoning. This canned spiked seltzer now keeps you from having to worry about the mixing aspect.

What could be better than that?

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