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It seems like Coca-Cola is releasing new flavors all over the world each and every day. There’s Vanilla Coke, Lime Coke, and my all=time favorite, Cherry Coke.

One of my favorite things to do is test out different Coke flavors with those futuristic vending machines you can find at different fast-casual restaurants. I can honestly say that my favorite ‘discovery’ was to find out how good Strawberry Coke tasted. Turns out I’m not alone as the company recently announced it was launching this new flavor in Japan.

The bottle alone makes me want to try it – It is like a work of art. According to a review by Japan Today, it looks just like classic Coke when you pour it into a glass but smells just like strawberries.

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– 🍓Strawberry Coca Cola from @7elevenhk 🌟:3/5 新年當然連飲嘢都要紅噹噹🔴 呢支士多啤梨味可樂包裝100分,十分應節,味道就不過不失啦~ 飲落似出面嘅士多啤梨梳打,餘韻先有微微可樂味,唔完美但可接受🤪呢啲特別版,都係試過就夠😂 – 更多飲食資訊👉🏻 #szecreteats – #cocacola #cocacolastrawberry #szecreteats

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They called the new flavor “a legitimately enjoyable soft drink” which is enough for me to track it down and try it.

Even though several news outlets have reported the release being exclusive to Japan, some people claim to have spotted it in Hong Kong as well.

If you are someone who is visiting Japan soon please get us some! Otherwise, we are going to try and find it online and pay triple the price (not including shipping).

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