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There have been many things that were surprisingly absent from the store shelves during the coronavirus pandemic. It included toilet paper, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. Something else that seemed to disappear quickly and has not reappeared yet are disinfecting wipes. You can consider them to be sold out and according to the CEO of Clorox, they are going to continue to be sold out in most stores until summertime.

Benno Dorer is the Clorox chairman and CEO. He had an interview on the Today Show in which he said that there was a 500% increase in demand for Clorox wipes. The unfortunate reality is, the company has only been able to increase production by about 40% as of yet. In other words, the company is producing more wipes, but it’s still not enough to stock the shelves around the country.

“In some cases, we sold as much in one week as we normally sell in one month,” Dorer said.

It is likely that Clorox wipes are not going to be filling the store shelves until they are able to boost production further. Then again, people may stop buying and hoarding these products as well, and that would solve the problem.

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“We know that right now we cannot make enough products for everybody to find products at the store all the time,” Dorer said. “But we’re making tremendous progress. We think we will be in substantially better shape by the summer.”

According to Dorer, their factories are running 24 hours a day and have been for some time. They are doing their best to increase the supply to match the increased demand for cleaning supplies, including disinfectants. As we have seen during the pandemic, however, most companies were not prepared for such a global health crisis and Clorox is included in that bunch.

After the pandemic became apparent in the United States in mid-March, people have been sharing pictures of empty grocery store shelves. They were picked over quickly, and the shortage of cleaning supplies and dry goods, along with food, led to some serious difficulties. The majority of supplies have stabilized, especially now that most of the country is under orders to stay-at-home. It may be some time before the stores are back to full shelves again, but they are working in that direction.

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