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The CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is currently recommending that all Americans cover their faces when they are out in public. Unfortunately, for some groups of people this is more challenging than for others. Deaf communities may struggle with face coverings, as well as speech pathologists who are also unable to work with these masks, as they need to see their clients’ faces during the educational process.

Fortunately, an excellent solution has arrived. Etsy is now offering the Mask With Window. For just $10, you can purchase a face mask that comes with a clear panel for lip reading purposes. The plastic window ensures that you can stay covered, while allowing people to see what you are saying.

Photo: Etsy/ELijapan

Even if you technically don’t need one of these masks for lip reading, they make it easy to flash a smile so that people can tell you mean well. At times like these, it makes us wistful for the days when we could see everyone’s faces when we we are out and about.
Please be sure to pass these masks along to all those who can benefit from them. It’s the sort of idea that we have been waiting for and we are glad that the aforementioned groups can finally receive assistance. If you know a speech pathologist or someone who is hard of hearing, these masks make for an awesome gift.

$10 is a steal of a deal, too. Specialty masks are not always easy to come by at the moment. Let’s all do our part to keep each other safe right now by continuing to wear our facial coverings in public.

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