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There’s no need to fork over big bucks or rolls of quarters to use the vacuums and cleaners at the car wash. You have all of the tools you need at home to make your car as clean as can be, and it won’t cost you extra.

To Condition And Remove Stains From Upholstery…

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Drop a drink on the seat or stain a part of the floor with dirt, look no further than baby shampoo. Mixed with warm water this gentle-for-babies shampoo is a cleaning warrior and will lift out stains without damaging the fibers of fabrics. Scrub in the solution with a sponge and rinse with small amounts of warm, clean water. If you have leather seats, use a solution that’s ½ olive oil and ½ white vinegar, spraying onto the seats and wiping the stains away.

To Scrub Off Window Dirt…

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No matter how much you use your wipers, you can’t seem to remove that stuck-on dirt from your windshield. Use a netted plastic bag (like those bags used for bulk citrus, onions, or potatoes)! Coat your windshield with water and baking soda, then use the netted bag to scrub the windshield. The grit from the baking soda and the texture of the plastic netting are perfect abrasive tools to wipe off that dirt without scratching and damaging your glass. Rinse the glass thoroughly with water to remove the dirt and baking soda.

To Clean And Protect Wheels…

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Nothing looks better than shiny wheels, the problem is they’re the first part of your car to look super dirty. To keep your hub caps looking like you rolled out of a car wash, make your own wax seal. Combine 1 cup of baby oil, ½ cup of water, and a few drops of dish soap, and apply and rinse the solution from the tires. The mixture doesn’t just clean dirt off, but the solution also repels future dirt from settling and staying on your rims.

To Remove Dust Without Leaving Stuck-on Fibers…

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Dryer sheets, either brand new or used ones from the dryer, are your go-to tool to combat dust. The static in dryer sheets traps and locks dust into its fibers. You’ll be wicking and not spreading dust away from your car, better yet, dryer sheets don’t leave a residue or fibers behind, and you’ll have a perfectly dust-free car.

To Deodorize The Air…

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Before hitting the road, think of airing out your interior with a simple trick. Stuff some charcoal into a sock and place it discreetly under a seat or in the second row. The charcoal will absorb musty or smelly odors, making it a pleasant ride for anyone who rides with you!

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