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RJ Wagner and Brent Dicesare of WD Detailing in Cleveland, Ohio are not the types of guys who believe in bare minimums. They are not going to stop until the job is done and this story is a prime example of that.

Just wait until you see what these two have managed to accomplish with a Pontiac WS6 Firebird that needed some serious deep cleaning.

Photo: YouTube/WD Detailing
Photo: YouTube/WD Detailing

Mud had made its way into every part of the car and to make matters worse, it was also given the chance to harden. It is safe to say that these two gentlemen had their work cut out for them.

The mud and debris were dry, hard, and very difficult to remove. The car was brought in from Kentucky and the owner did not have any plans of driving it again.

Photo: YouTube/WD Detailing
Photo: YouTube/WD Detailing

However, the vehicle remained valuable, as it could be stripped for parts. The two men decided that they would use every tool that they had at their disposal, in hopes of restoring these parts to their original luster.

You won’t be able to believe your eyes once you have had the chance to see this one for yourself. RJ and Brent are actually miracle workers.

Photo: YouTube/WD Detailing

“Today, we tackle the interior of the muddiest WS6 Firebird EVER. This car was in a flood thus letting a ton of mud in and we wanted to see how clean we could get it so in this video we show you the satisfying process of deep cleaning it!” the description reads. While they were able to get the car to run eventually, there was no taking it back out onto the road.

There is no way that the vehicle was street legal by any stretch but that’s not the important part here. The owner was finally able to strip the vehicle for its valuable parts.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The dynamic duo even took the time to narrate their handiwork for the good folks over at Insider:

“Hard mud and clay were caked onto the interior of this WS6 Firebird after it was in a flood in Kentucky.

WD Detailing’s RJ Wagner and Brent Dicesare started detailing it with the intention of salvaging its parts, which were originally made in limited quantities. Eventually, the car was able to run again.”

If you would like to see this process for yourself, please be sure to check out the video for yourself. It is an amazing transformation!

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