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2020 has been filled with all sorts of moments that we would rather forget. This year has definitely been light on the comedy, that’s for sure. Who knew that we would be given one of the funniest moments of the year by a pair of dueling Christmas trees, though?

Brielle Faith happened to be driving through her neighborhood when she stumbled across this hilarious exchange.

She quickly took to TikTok to share the comedic light show. She wrote, “So the other night I was driving through my neighborhood and then saw some trees arguing.”

Photo: YouTube /Vine energy Videos

Once you have had the chance to check out this video, you are going to see exactly what she is talking about. It’s a Christmas miracle for the ages. All jokes aside, you are not going to believe the banter that these trees were having. Evidently, these trees are not good at counting. That can become an issue when a homeowner is trying to synchronize their lights with their music.

In the words of Brielle, “Magic happens when the trees get along.” We could not agree more. Check it out for yourself:

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