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We’re not even in October yet, still the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas – is already getting geared up to play on our TVs. There is a new launch of a TV channel that will be playing Christmas movies all day, every day.

While summer might be in its final stages, and we still have 113 days to go till actual Christmas, those of us that can’t wait for the holly jolly season to start can get our festive head start with Sony Movies Christmas, which will be airing the films 24/7. Christmas insomniacs rejoice.

From the 10th of September, the channel will be playing the Christmas films on Freeview Channel 50. The film schedule will include such classics as “Holiday Road Trip”, “Christmas With the Kranks”, “Silver Bells” and “Defending Santa.” And don’t worry, there will also be very regular showings of the very much-loved “Elf” and “The Polar Express.”

Photo: Crazy Beautiful Mess

To further satisfy your Christmas craving, the channel will feature themed weekends, with Bah Humbug, Christmas Animals, Santa Sunday and Christmas Comedy – which are all planned to run from next week up until the end of January. And it gets even better. For those of you that love a good romantic flick, you can look forward to the 7 pm slot each evening, which will feature a Christmas romcom – think “Moonlight and Mistletoe” or “All I Want Is Christmas.”

Between all these choices, plus the “Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special” and a “Winter Love Island,” it’s impossible to fathom how we will ever leave our homes and TVs this autumn and winter seasons. But then again, why try? It’s cold outside, so why not stock up on all the comfort food – after all its winter, not bikini season – and enjoy watching all the best Christmas flicks that the Sony Channel has to offer. Christmas itself will be here soon enough, so we might as well enjoy the films while we can.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Sony Movies channel will be available to watch 24/7 on Freeview 50, Sky 319, Virgin 424 and Freesat 303.

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