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Chrissy Teigen is not shy about sharing all about her personal life on social media. And that is how fans have come to know that she and John Legend are currently staying in rented accommodation while they renovate their new home.

Like many people who are doing renovations to their home, Chrissy is all about putting that personal stamp on the place. For Chrissy, the kitchen is one of her favorite places in the entire home. And it makes sense – she’s written two cookbooks so far and is working on putting together a third one. So it stands to reason that she would want the kitchen to be as perfect as possible.

What is kitchen perfection for Chrissy? As the TV personality shared with Architectural Digest, Chrissy wants an extra oven in her new kitchen. Of course, we can understand why – she loves to cook. Having multiple ovens would certainly be more functional. But for Chrissy, it also has to do with a personal quirk.

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As she stated, “I wanted, obviously, multiple ovens. I am very weird about cooking dessert in the same oven that I cook other things in because of a disaster I had a long time ago making a cake in the same oven that I had made baked beans in. The cake kind of took on the flavor of the baked beans. So after that traumatizing situation, I decided I’d never cook dessert in the same oven.”

As for the other home renovations being done, neither Chrissy nor John have been overly open about their plans. All they said was that they enjoy comfort, and that is what they are bringing to their home: comfort mixed with some sensibility. But what Chrissy was very open about was that her new kitchen is going to be the heart of her home.

We can’t wait to see the house once it’s complete. We’re sure Chrissy will be giving the tour eventually. What would your dream home be like? Let us know!

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