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It may look like any ordinary chocolate cake, but when you cut it open, bright red hearts appear.

Now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, this is a cake that is sure to make the rounds. It does not take any special ingredients or molds to make this cake, either.

In fact, this method of baking hearts into the middle of your cakes can be used by anyone who is looking to bake an image into their cake’s interiors.

Photo: YouTube / cookingwithalia

This particular cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but it could be used for any occasion you’re wanting to spread some love. After all, this is a cake that is sure to give everyone that loving feeling and we are here for it.

YouTuber cookingwithalia released a how-to tutorial for making a chocolate hidden heart cake and it’s actually quite easy!

She starts by baking a bright red cake. The color is spectacular.

Photo: YouTube / cookingwithalia

After that, she cuts out the hearts and layers them into the chocolate cake batter. The whole thing is ready-to-go in a baking tray, so it can be popped into the oven to finish baking the hearts into the cake.

Photo: YouTube / cookingwithalia

Watch the full video how-to below:

What do you think of this cake? Is it something that you would like to whip up for your special someone? Let us know!

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