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One of the best parts about being an adult is that there is no one who can tell us what we can and cannot eat. If you want to eat pizza for breakfast, there is no one who can stop you. Looking to have dessert for dinner? The world is your oyster. Meanwhile, some of us are major cereal fans who are always looking for excuses to have a bowl or three.

That’s where this amazing TikTok recipe comes into play. Those of us who are already familiar with the tiny pancake cereal that TikTok has to offer can see where this one is going. Thanks to this recipe, you can now enjoy gourmet Cookie Crisp any time you want.

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The best part about TikTok recipes is that they are always simple and it does not take a great deal of skill to recreate any of these ideas. Many users are already creating their own mini cookies but this idea takes that concept to a whole new level. All you need to do when you’re ready to get started is to grab some pre-made cookie dough from your local grocery store.

Once you have the cookie dough, the process is as easy as it gets. Make sure that the dough is flat before you start cutting it up into smaller pieces. If the dough is already flat when you bring it home, cut each of the cookies into six different pieces. Are you using a tub of dough? The dough should be shaped into smaller pieces that are roughly the same size as a penny.

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The instructions on the package are an invaluable resource. Follow these instructions once it comes time to bake. As soon as they are done, you can serve them with your favorite milk! Whether you are looking to have the ultimate bowl of cereal or some milk and cookies, you have no shortage of options. TikTok has done it again and we cannot wait to enjoy this recipe.

If you need any further inspiration or assistance, be sure to take a moment to watch the clip for yourself. Cookie Crisp has never looked this delicious.


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