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When you have a craving for something delicious, there are not going to be any substitutions for that item. I think we have all been there, but at times, we may not be the one calling the shots. Ask anyone who is married and they will tell you that the conversation about “what’s for dinner” does not always end in a mutual agreement.

That is especially true if you are craving something as delicious as a Chipotle burrito. It seems as if Joel Willis, editor-in-chief of @TheDad, was in just such a predicament. What do you do when you want a burrito and you’ve got a huge Twitter following? You get busy, and get Twitter to jump on board.

Joel started the comments on the @TheDad account, saying he wanted take out, but his wife didn’t agree. He then asked @ChipotleTweets to jump on board with a special announcement. He also gave them the opportunity to personalize it, telling them his wife’s name is Laura.

Anyone of us would have fun asking, but would we expect a reply in return? As it turns out, a tweet was sent by the official Chipotle Twitter account, “Today is National Laura Eats Chipotle Day.”

The conversation that took place between him and his wife is hilarious, to say the least. It was too late to get takeout that night, but it did work the following night.

Joel gave an interview to Bored Panda, saying that it is not out of his character to prank his wife. In fact, she has become quite used to it. After seeing the post on Twitter, she gave in, laughed, and said “Guess we have to get Chipotle.”

It seems as if National Laura Eats Chipotle Day also made their family calendar, so they will be getting burritos that day every year. If there happens to be any other Laura out there that loves Chipotle, November 17 is the day to keep on your radar.

Joel loved his brisket burrito with white rice, black beans, corn, light sour cream, and extra cheese. It was more than just eating out, however, he was happy he didn’t have to do dishes.

He summed things up in the interview, saying: “I typically do most of the cooking in our house, but my wife does most of the cleanup. So it was a win for both of us. In 2020, I’ll take any victory I can get. And yes, the next night I cooked the salmon.”

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