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TikTok’s fast food hacks have a way of making our day. Did you know that there is an easy way to create a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, without actually having to go to Taco Bell?

Hasan Hamad is here to show you how to turn your Chipotle leftovers into a whole new meal from Taco Bell. If this sounds like sorcery to you, don’t worry. We felt the same way until we finally sat down to watch the clip. He makes it all make sense before too long.

Photo: TikTok/itshasanhamad

“This is life changing, you must try,” the post is captioned. Now that we have gotten the chance to check out his trick for ourselves, we see exactly where he is coming from.

It’s not every day that you get to take your leftovers from one fast food joint and fashion them into a meal that is fit for a completely different one.

Photo: TikTok/itshasanhamad

In order to create the Taco Bell replica meal, our man Hasan grabs a tortilla, guacamole, some chips, and part of a burrito bowl. He dumps the burrito bowl leftovers into the tortilla and adds some guacamole on top.

Then, he tops it with chips on top for crunch and sprinkles cheese on top of that. After that, he folds it into a crunchwrap shaped burrito and grills it on the stove.

Photo: TikTok/itshasanhamad

Once that step of the process is done, you are left with a meal that looks exactly like your Taco Bell favorite. Check it out in the video below:


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