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Chipotle is one of our favorite restaurants and we have not been able to go as often during the global pandemic. When we try to remake all of their classics at home, we can never seem to nail down the ingredients. If we are being honest, we are just guessing most of the time. That’s why we are grateful to all of the restaurants that are offering up their recipes during the pandemic, including Chipotle.

Dining rooms all over the country are closed at the moment, rightfully so. It is hard for many of us to enjoy dining out when there are so many risks that have yet to be addressed. Recipes allow us to have the same experience at home, without all of the risk factors, and Chipotle has already done us a major solid by offering up their guacamole recipe.

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Now, they are providing the blueprint for creating the medium roasted corn salsa that we all know and love. To make the salsa, you’ll need finely chopped cilantro, jalapeño, corn, and red onion, and lime juice and salt. Combine everything except the corn, and then add it all of the ingredients to the corn.

Check out their tutorial for yourself:


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It’s a great dish to set off the weekend (although we are having trouble discerning one day from the next at this point).

Have you tried making this at home? Let us know what you think!

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