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A new trend taking TikTok by storm is adding chili oil to ice cream.

People are obsessed with this sweet and spicy combo, and some people are even using McDonald’s ice cream and fries to add an extra twist to the trend.

Photo: TikTok/cravingsinamsterdam

While spicy chili oil on ice cream has been a thing for quite some time, the trend really picked up speed in China when McDonald’s started offering a limited-time chili ice cream. People really enjoyed it, so they decided to recreate it at home.

Photo: TikTok/cravingsinamsterdam

For those who like dishes that split the difference between spicy and sweet, this could be your next go to and it’s incredibly easy to make.

All you need to do is add spicy chili oil to ice cream and enjoy! TikTok user @cravingsinamsterdam shared her way of making it and she uses McDonald’s ice cream and then dips her french fries in it at the end!

Photo: TikTok/cravingsinamsterdam

While it may sound strange at first, it seems to be quite popular and it makes so much sense in a weird way. The flavors balance each other out so perfectly!

Watch the video below:


Crispy chili oil & vanilla ice cream. The 🍟 were also a tasty combo #chilioil #chilicrisp #icecreamhack @mcdonalds #mcdonalds #lekker #amsterdamfood

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