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When we were kids we roamed the neighborhood playing after school and all day on Saturdays. Our idea of a good time was simpler then. We took joy in the simple pleasures that abounded. While we may have loved to watch a Western at night with the family, we didn’t sit around the TV all day. And, we didn’t always have safety gear. But, we sure did have fun!

13) Glass Bottles

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We used to collect glass bottles and turn them in at the grocery to get the deposit back. You always had a sense of pride getting that change in your hand. And, it would sometimes be your only pocket or candy money for the week.

12) Checking Coin Slots

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We’d get change by checking the return slot on pay phones, too. That was free money! It was a great bonus if the vending machine had a little change as well.

11) Toy Guns

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We played with toy guns and no one even thought twice about it.

10) Riding in the Station Wagon

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How many times did we ride in the back of the station wagon with no seatbelt? It was even in advertisements for the cars themselves!

9) Making Forts

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Whether it was a collection of blankets strewn over a table or a giant box, nothing stopped us from building some epic forts. Raise your hand if you ever made a snow fort!

8) Secret Clubs

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We had secret clubs, sometimes up a tree or under it or even in an old shack. It was a special place to go to with your friends.

7) Exploring

We’d be gone for hours, wandering around town and then moving on to the edges of town with no adult supervision. It was so much fun to find out what was hiding behind every tree and imagining who had once lived in abandoned houses.

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6) Ice Cream

We’d hear that song and we’d come running. Hopefully we had the money because an ice cream cone was a wonderful treat! There was nothing quite like the ice cream truck!

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5) Visiting

We’d show up at our friend’s houses unannounced asking if they could come out to play. Seemed like very few things were pre-arranged back then. And, on any given Saturday you’d be with your best friends, of course. It was a no-brainer.

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4) Jumping in Leaves

After we got done raking leaves, we’d jump right in, only to have to rake them back up again! It was worth it, though! And, siblings were always far game for a good scare when we’d hide and then pop out at them.

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3) No Helmets

We rode our bikes with no helmets. We were free and easy, riding down the street.

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2) Odd Jobs and Chores

We’d do odd jobs for the neighbors to a little extra money. From trimming the grass to collecting bait for men who went fishing, there was always something to do. And, let’s not forget our chores at home.

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1) Reading Comics

We could spend a whole day just reading comics or reading funnies. Or reading a good book for that matter. It seemed like we had all the time in the world.

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We may not have had all the fanciest toys, but we sure knew how to fill the time with fun adventures. We learned a lot just playing and being ourselves with very few restrictions on our time. Those were the days!

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