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If you are anything like us, you definitely have a favorite Chick-fil-A sauce that you absolutely need to have every single time you visit.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news but there is actually a major sauce shortage taking place at the moment. This shortage has caused them to make some very tough decisions and they are limiting the sauce purchases for each customer.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you head to the Chick-fil-A website, you will find a pop-up that says “Industrywide Supply Chain Shortages.”

According to the restaurant chain, the shortage is taking place “due to industrywide supply chain shortages, some items, like sauces, may be unavailable. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.” This news comes on the heels of a particularly devastating shortage that involves ketchup packets. Restaurants all over the country are currently dealing with the issue.

Photo: flickr/theimpulsivebuy

As the pandemic continues and more people look to the comforts of drive-thru dining, meals are usually packaged with sauces already. Even if you visit a restaurant where dine-in seating is being provided, most of the high-touch items (such as a ketchup bottle) have been replaced by ketchup packets.

Photo: flickr/AnneCN

If you order a 30-count nugget from the restaurant, you are still going to receive three sauces. Smaller nugget orders are going to be limited to two sauces per meal and one sauce per entree.

Those who have been saving all of the leftover takeout sauces from each meal are now going to have their chance to shine!

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