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How far is too far when it comes to culinary creations? If the fifties and sixties taught us anything it is that there really are some food combinations that do not belong together.

However, even today, we get food mashups that are just downright bizarre, like the upcoming Cheez-It cake featuring the iconic orange crackers.

Photo: Pixabay

Cheez-Its shared about the latest on Instagram and said, “When we turned 100, we reached out to the biggest Cheez-It fan out there, none other than @Stephanieizard and @sugargoatsweets, to make our official #CHEEZITENNIAL Cake! From the inside out, it’s all 100% real cheese Cheez-It goodness!”

Photo: Instagram/cheezit

Just in time to celebrate the snack’s 100th anniversary, the brand is throwing all caution to the wind by creating the cracker cake. It was designed and made by Sugargoat bakery founder, Stephanie Izard.

The cake starts off making a batter out of actual ground-up Cheez-It flour. Once it has been baked, it is then layered through with a shortbread crumble that is made from – you guessed it – Cheez-Its.

Photo: Instagram/cheezit

Some sweetness is incorporated into the savory Cheez-It cake by adding in caramel swirls, and then it is topped off with a red strawberry-flavored icing and chocolate-coated Cheez-It crackers.

Photo: Instagram/cheezit

The cake became available for purchase on May 17th and will be on sale through May 20th. So, if you are a devout fan of the humble Cheez-It cracker and you feel a necessity to buy one of these Cheez-Itennial Cakes, you can do so by going to purchase one through Goldbelly’s website. One of these Cheez-It cakes will cost you roughly $49.