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Cheetos are an incredible snack. They’re probably so bad for you when you think about it, but that still doesn’t stop us from happily diving into a bag of the orange goodness.

There are so many different types of Cheetos as well. You’ve got your giant cheese puff Cheetos, your Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Jalapeño Cheetos (my favorite), and so many others. It’s almost impossible to not have a type of Cheeto that you enjoy.

Photo: flickr/theimpulsivebuy

The humble cheesy snack can also lend itself well to the culinary world. I mean, we’ve all seen plenty of TikTok videos that showcase the Cheetos’ versatility when it comes to the fried food sphere. Ground up Cheetos make excellent coating to things like chicken pieces.

Admit it, you’ve probably tried to make something fried with Cheetos before – especially if you have an air fryer. But regardless of whether or not you’ve given in to the trend of using Cheetos to make some tasty fried food treats, Applebee’s is currently coming out with their own, exclusive menu featuring Cheetos’ dust – meaning you can go try it for yourself!

Photo: Twitter/Applebees

The newest menu is a collaboration between Applebee’s and Cheetos, and features items such as Boneless Wings and Cheese Bites – all made with crumbled-up Cheetos for that unique flavor and crunch, according to BusinessWire. In addition, there is the choice to choose what Cheeto-inspired sauce comes with your menu items, and the two flavors happen to be an original Cheetos Wing Sauce or Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Wing Sauce. Yummy!

In anticipation of this new release, Applebees will also be featuring their new Shirtkin to go with the event. The name definitely suggests its purpose, which is to be a shirt-napkin hybrid so that allows patrons to use their shirts as a napkin. Can’t let anything get in the way of noshing.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

But if you want to get in on the Applebees action, you should do it sooner rather than later, as the new Applebee’s Cheetos Boneless Wings and Cheetos Cheese Bites are around for a limited time.

At only $9.99 USD, we can see these menu items pulling in a lot of attention.

Check out the tweet below:

What do you think of the Applebee’s Cheetos food? Will you be going to try it out? Let us know!

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