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Standard kitchen gadgets don’t usually come with instruction booklets. Perhaps they should? We often find ourselves getting tired of trying to figure out how these gadgets work and human beings have a way of making the simplest processes even more challenging. If you have ever seen anyone struggle with a can opener before, you can definitely relate to this sentiment.

The Internet has decided to come to the rescue once again and guide us towards the proper use of a common kitchen gadget. The four-sided cheese graters that we all use in our kitchens are fairly standard, but most of us are not using them to their fullest. Thankfully, Menu World is here to share a hack that will help make all of our lives easier.

Photo: Pixabay/Icb

Once you have had the chance to check out the short video below, your cheese grating process will never be the same. If you are anything like us, you probably hold the cheese grater vertically with one hand. Instead of using this tired method, you can lay the cheese grater down on the counter or table horizontally and grate the cheese from side to side.

The up-and-down motion that we usually rely upon is not as effective and you should notice a difference almost immediately when trying the horizontal method. It keeps the grater from experiencing too much movement and the process is much easier on our arms. Anyone who has ever gotten tired while grating cheese is nodding in agreement right now, right? For even better results, apply some cooking spray to the outside of the cheese grater!

The cheese grating hack has already started to gain a great deal of traction on social media. Many of us are kicking ourselves for not thinking of such a simple hack to make cheese grating much easier.

The method is also helpful when you are trying to figure out how much cheese has been grated because it will collect inside. When you are grating the cheese directly into a bowl, it is tougher to figure out the actual amount that is being used. If the little holes are starting to become clogged, you can clean them out with a small toothbrush.

Have you tried this method before? What do you think?