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A couple of my girlfriend’s, a glass of cheap wine, and some cheese. Cheese has been there for me through thick and thin.

If you have an affinity for cheese as much as I do, then you’ve definitely dreamed about taking a bath in it.

Well, dream no more. If you take a trip to a Swiss mountain resort you can take a bath in cheese juice…And it’s good for your skin!

Photo: Wikimedia

Apparently Swiss people have been bathing in the liquidy whey, a byproduct of cheese production, for centuries.

The practice, according to Insider’s Guide To Spas, comes from a time when tourists would come to the Swiss countryside to drink the vitamin and protein-rich whey.

Hotels then took the ‘cheese juice’ and filled entire baths with it cause the demand was so high. Now tourists from all over the world are traveling to the Alps to try out its rejuvenating properties.

Here’s how it goes down: During the cheese-making process, milk is heated and form curds. The curds are used to make cheese while the liquid whey is strained.

This warm liquid is then poured into a bath and you hop in and have a soak, letting the whey work its magic on your skin.

Photo: Twitter / @ThisIsInsider

Salmi Tongi, a Swiss cheese producer, told Beauty Insider that their whey baths in the village of Engelberg are good for your mind and your nervous system.

You would think that it would leave you stinking like cheese, but the reviews suggest otherwise.

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