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Now that we are smack dab in the middle of the cold weather season, it is time to figure out how to stay warm. While you can rely on regular heaters, these appliances will often leave you with a massive electric bill to deal with. There’s also those who rely on their thermostat but they are also going to end up paying dearly when the electric bill comes.

So what can we do to avoid these massive bills going forward? Turns out, there’s a way to have a cozy home without jacking up the thermostat or running the space heater constantly, and Ben Galt shares exactly how.

Photo: YouTube /Live Smarter

In his YouTube video, he explains how he made a cheap and easy space heater with two spare terracotta planters, some tea light candles, and a few random hardware items. The project is very easy to complete and trust us, it is very friendly on the wallet.

Photo: YouTube /Live Smarter

In order to create this makeshift heater, Ben placed a 5 inch terracotta pot inside of a 6 inch pot. He used nuts, washers, and a metal rod to keep the two pots connected. Once all of the nuts and washes have been threaded, he was ready to take on the next step of using the planter dish to hold the tea light candles.

Photo: YouTube /Live Smarter

You do not need to be a handyman extraordinaire to handle a job like this one, but you will want to check out the tutorial below! Galt lays out the whole project so even a novice can tackle it.

The best part of all? It only costs about 4 cents per hour to keep these “heaters” running!

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