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The summer is upon us and the weather is warming up quickly. As the weather warms, people will be looking for a way to cool off, but the coronavirus is getting in the way this year. Many people who are considering heading to the swimming pool are wondering if the virus can spread in the pool.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that it is not necessarily the case. “As of now, there’s no evidence that the coronavirus spreads through pool water — and you’re even safer if you swim outside because outdoor pools have a lower risk than indoor ones,” The New York Times explains. They also said that it is safer to swim in water treated with chlorine.

Photo: Pixabay

An infectious disease expert, Amesh Adalja, also weighed in by saying: “The coronavirus doesn’t survive in chlorinated water.” One thing that she says to be cautious of are surfaces around the pool, including locker rooms and decks. It may be possible for the virus to live and spread in those areas. In order to swim safely, keep a supply of hand sanitizer with you. Social distancing is also important inside of the pool, just as it is outside of the pool.

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