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You can finally put your sweet tooth to work with Candy Funhouse’s new position. The company is hiring part-time and full-time “Candyologists.”

In other words, you will be an official Candy and Chocolate Taste Tester – how cool is that?

Photo: Unsplash

The whole point of the job will be to help the company decide which candies should be part of their first-ever Candy Funhouse branded line. This line of produces will feature 10 different candies. However, they need to be selected from hundreds of different options, hence the need for candy taste testers.

If you are a candy enthusiast and you believe that this would be the perfect job for you, then you will have a few steps to complete. Besides being REALLY into candy, you will have to also have to have a decent enough palette as you’ll need to “consider aspects of taste, texture, and quality.”

In addition, you will have to write a brief, two-sentence description for each product that you sample. And if you have an interest in pop culture and media it’s even better.

Photo: Pixabay

Perhaps one of the best perks of the job is that it pays $30 an hour – not bad at all for tasting candy. However, there is a drawback according to the Indeed job listing. It’s an in-person position, so you will have to be living in the Mississauga, ON, Canada area. But if you apply for the part-time position, there is some flexibility as it only requires 15 hours a week that can be done from home and pays $26 an hour.

Photo: Unsplash

According to the listings, they are looking to hire two full-time employees, and eight people for the part-time role. In order to apply, candidates must have a high school diploma and be a citizen of either the U.S. or Canada. Interested parties have until February 15, 2021, to apply. You can click here for the full-time job listing application and click here for the part-time job listing application – they will both have further instructions on how to apply.

Will you be applying? Let us know!

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