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Candy corn has developed a bit of a reputation over the years, hasn’t it? If you are anything like us, you might not be the biggest fan of this treat. However, we are getting a bit tired of all of the performative candy corn hate that we see on social media. It’s gotten to “pineapple on pizza is bad!” levels of ridiculousness. The reality is that we do like candy corn but only in limited doses.

If you are still not a fan, that is probably because you have yet to find out more about the Starbucks version of this common Halloween treat. Once you have had the chance to check out the newest secret menu drink, you are definitely going to want one for yourself.

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sooo good #Starbucks #secretmenu #candycorncoldbrew

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You can find all the details of this new secret drink at Totallythebomb.com. Since the drink is part of the secret menu, you can’t ask for a Candy Corn Cold Brew directly. They might look at you like you’re crazy.

So, here’s how to order it:

Start by asking for a venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, but substitute the vanilla for white mocha sauce. Ask for an extra pump of pumpkin sauce in the sweet cream and you’re good to go!

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The Candy Corn Cold Brew 🍬 . Because it IS good candy! . Recipe is at https://totallythebomb.com/category/food/starbucks-secret-menu (link in bio) . #starbucks #starbucksdrink #starbuckscreation #starbuckssecretmenu #frappuccino #imadedis #thejoyfulrbf #candycorn #candycorncoldbrew

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These coffees might be sweet to the taste, but trust us on this one…they still pack a heck of a punch. They are sure to get you through the day with ease. Whether you are going to be picking apples, pumpkins, or simply getting some much-needed housework done, this is the seasonal drink that is sure to have you in the right state of mind.

This is a drink that is best enjoyed during the fall season so you will want to get a move on! After all, it’s a flavor that is best enjoyed once the hoodies have been pulled out of the closet and the tank tops have been retired for the year. Don’t let the season pass without trying it for yourself!

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