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This Canadian city is the site of a very exciting and mysterious game that allows these citizens to search for all sorts of cool prizes.

They are being given the chance to search through various forests and fields, which looks pretty awesome from where we are sitting. The story takes place in Miramichi, New Brunswick, where residents are following cryptic clues to the aforementioned prizes. Check out one of the spooky clues in the video below:

Those who wish to participate in the contests must join a Facebook group that is known as Miramichi Mystery Machine. The game first began when the group was created and the first clue was offered up: “May 1, 7 P.M. $100 hidden at Ritchie Wharf.” People made their way over to the wharf immediately. Before long, the money was found and interest in the game started to spike.

The poster even makes remarks that imply that they are keeping a close watch on the cash hunters. “Checkered shirt. U are not close at all.” “Yellow hoodie is in the ballpark.” “Savannah, how did u get so smart?” they said, poking some fun at the searchers. So who is this mastermind and what exactly are they looking to accomplish? He goes by the name Roman Dungarvan.

This is likely a pseudonym but we are intrigued nonetheless. “Roman Dungarvan, descendant of the original Dungarvan Whooper is back in Miramichi to make amends to the city and people for the families dark haunted past. Follow the clues. Find the treasures. Beware of the whooping screams that some still hear at night,” the group’s description reads.

According to CBC, Amanda Rolph says that whoever this is should be commended for what they are doing for their city. “It sort of ties together social media and being active, getting people outside and socializing,” she says. “I think it’s absolutely wonderful what they’ve done.” The game’s final installment is slated to take place this Friday, the 13th. Those who have heart conditions are being warned against participating.

“This has been the most exciting week in Miramichi in a long time,” says resident Tom Sutton. “I’m still excited from today’s game and cannot sit still,” he told CBC News. Kudos to the person who came up with this game for providing people with a reason to be happy. It’s one of the more clever and creative things that we have seen in some time. Best of luck to all of these participants!

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