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These days, homes and decor are shared regularly online. Lots of new styles emerge on a daily basis. And one North Carolina home recently went viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

But the reason is funnier than you might have expected. The home is acting as a good old fashioned brain teaser. Normally, homes are shared online for positive reasons, whether people are willing to reside in tiny homes or spaces that are even more unique, showcase fun decor, or whatever else. But that wasn’t the case with this home.

The home in question is in Clemmons, a town that rests just outside of the city of Winston-Salem. When we first came across this story, it was on Reddit and spreading like wildfire (sorry, West Coast – too soon?).

Photo: hollyvlogsofficial / tiktok

The picture spread like wildfire because there is a design flaw that people are noticing. We are wondering if the people who live here noticed it before or after they moved in. Have you been able to find it yet? We will give you one quick hint. You are going to want to pay close attention to the trash cans and the expanse of concrete.

Photo: hollyvlogsofficial / tiktok

The lower middle section is also going to provide you with something to look at. The sidewalk wraps around in an odd way, doesn’t it? If you still can’t figure this one out, take a moment to pass it along to all of the friends and loved ones who are into brain teasers. Maybe they will be able to help you figure it out!

Don’t feel bad if it takes you a minute or two. We struggled at first, too. It’s not the easiest flaw to spot but once you are able to, you are going to feel like a genius. Anyone who is continuing to struggle will want to look at the house from a different angle. That is the last hint that we are giving you….

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