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There is no shortage of information on the coronavirus these days, but there is a lack of accurate information. All too often we hear “facts” about the coronavirus that either contradicts themselves or are just outright untrue.

For example, the symptoms of COVID-19 were thought to be only a fever, cough, and fatigue. The CDC later released many other symptoms to include chills, sore throat, muscle pain, and headache.

Something else that has changed is the use of facemasks. At first, it was recommended that people didn’t walk around wearing facemasks because it didn’t seem to limit the spread of the virus. Wearing facemasks and social distancing is now mandatory in many states.

Some of the concerns about contracting coronavirus included getting it through take-out deliveries, the mail, and even walking outside. Many experts now feel as if those things don’t present a high risk of catching the virus, especially breathing outside air.

Photo: Pixabay / serentiy_g

It’s always best to err on the side of caution, but experts are also now recommending that we spend more time outside. It isn’t always necessary to wear a mask or PPE if you aren’t around others, because there is an extremely low risk of catching the virus circulating in the air when you are riding your bike or walking alone.

A new question that has come about now that the weather is getting warmer is if putting a fan in the window and circulating outside air into the home is dangerous.

If you happen to live in a populated area where people are walking by the window constantly, then a window fan can pose a certain hazard. If one of those people has the virus and coughs or sneezes near the fan, you might be wondering if it could bring the germs into your home.

This may be something that you are concerned about but according to a number of experts, the risk of getting coronavirus through a window fan is low. There is actually little or no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted in that way. Unless somebody outside is actually blowing directly into the fan as you are standing in front of it, window fans are a relatively safe option.

The use of window fans is recommended by experts to circulate air in the home. It also allows you to enjoy some fresh air on the inside. It is still recommended that you get outside in the sunshine and fresh air on occasion.

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