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It seems as if the autumn season has just arrived and many of us already looking back at summer with a tear in our eyes. After all, there’s just something amazing about enjoying the warm temperatures, but it isn’t only humans who love it warm, even chickens love it warm.

In fact, fresh eggs from the farm are one of the things that many of us enjoy from the summer weather, and although they may be available in the winter, it just isn’t the same. Perhaps you have some chickens of your own or you may have a friend or family member who has chickens and you end up with some fresh eggs. Quite honestly, they are amazing, but it may leave you wondering how you will store them so they don’t go bad.

There are some things you can do to freeze eggs successfully and enjoy them at any time of the year. It can help you to make it through the winter months until the warm days of springs arrive again.

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First of all, you should realize that putting an egg in the freezer inside of the shell is not going to be the best choice. Cracking a dozen eggs in a container to store them in the freezer is also a bad idea. After all, what would you do if you only needed 1 or 2 eggs? You certainly wouldn’t want to ruin the whole dozen.

The option that you would want to consider is using an ice cube tray. It’s a simple solution and it can even pre-portion the number of eggs that you are freezing. After you freeze the eggs in the ice cube trays, you can loosen them and then put them in Ziploc bags or freezer-safe containers to use them on demand. You don’t have to deal with a single mass of a dozen eggs, each cube can be removed until you have just enough for the recipe.

Some people will freeze the egg together with the yolk and others will separate them to use in various recipes. There is no rule as far as this concerned, it just depends on what you plan on doing with them.

How to freeze whole eggs:

Grab a bowl or measuring cup and break the eggs into it. Beat them until the white and the yolk is mixed thoroughly. Don’t let too much air into the mix or it could cause problems! At that point, measure 3 tablespoons into each cell of the ice cube tray. 3 tablespoons is the equivalent of one large egg. Cover it with plastic wrap and freeze. After freezing, transfer the cubes into a storage container and label them with the frozen date.

Egg whites: You don’t have to prepare egg whites before freezing them in any special way. Just remove the yolks and measure 2 tablespoons into the tray. Cover, freeze, and transfer them to the freezer container.

Egg yolks: It is a little more difficult to freeze egg yolks. They might get lumpy or gelatinous after they freeze. To stop this from happening, stir in a little salt or sugar. It really doesn’t matter which one you use, but it will affect the flavor. Separate the yolks from the whites and put them in a measuring cup. 1/8 teaspoon of salt or 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar can be used for every 1/4 cup of yolk. Measure them into the ice cube trays in 1 tablespoon amounts and then switch to a freezer container after they have frozen.

You can keep eggs in the freezer successfully for up to a year. Then again, I’m sure we all hope that we will be getting those farm fresh eggs again before the year expires.

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