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Most of us have been spending a lot more time on social media. Given the global climate, social media provides an escape from reality with some really hilarious memes. And the current thing to go viral on Twitter is the account called “Cakes with Threatening Auras.” It will definitely give you something to giggle at.

But what makes these cakes threatening? Well, it is apparently different reasons such as the reason it was created, the decor, the execution of the cake designs, its display, and the cut. Basically, if it’s a cake fail, then chances are it’s a cake with a threatening aura.

For example, the Hulk cake. It is definitely threatening given its many design and execution flaws. But props to whoever gave it a go – I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Then there is the Fourth of July cake that reads “4 Jluy.” Where do we even begin to unload this cake? Not only does it have a massive spelling error, but there is the problem with the questionable color decor. Those piping skills aren’t the best. This person might have been better off just buying a sheet cake at the store.

But perhaps the most hilarious of the images is the one of the cake floating through the water. This one is very unsettling since it features a cake literally floating through water! I can honestly say this is quite disturbing as it raises so many questions. How did this cake get in the water, why has it not dissolved in the water, and how long has it been floating? All I know is that must be some pretty thick frosting to repel water like that.

What do you think of the cakes with threatening auras? Are you unsettled by them? Do you find them funny? Let us know!