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We thought that we had seen everything but we stand corrected on that. This is one of the most outlandish things that we have ever seen and we would remiss if we did not mention it.

We have heard of people getting a bit too lit at their wedding before but this is ridiculous. @holblythe shared this video on her TikTok and you will not be able to believe what you are seeing.

Photo: TikTok/@holblythe

“Providing the entertainment down the aisle,” the video is captioned and never truer words have been spoken. This woman somehow managed to catch on fire during the wedding. The funniest part of all is that she did not even notice. The wide tulle gown that she was wearing somehow managed to brush up against some candles.

The rest, as they say, was history. This mishap happened during her walk to the altar. “Keep watching to see my whole dress nearly go up in flames twice and me not even noticing!” she wrote. The guests who were on hand were not about to let anything happen to her, at least. They sprang into action immediately and did what they do to save the bride before the flames had a chance to spread.

Photo: TikTok/@holblythe

Luckily, all is well and now she has a funny story to tell. This could have gone much worse if the guests were not eagle-eyed enough to stop this potential tragedy from happening.

The video has gotten lots and lots of views, as people want to know how this could even end up happening. The comment section is a laugh riot, as you would expect in this type of instance.

Photo: TikTok/@holblythe

At the very least, people should be learning a major lesson from this one. There is no reason to have candles this close to the aisle. Her accident is a teachable moment for the rest of us and for that, we are grateful.

We will be taking a closer look at the candle arrangement at every wedding that we are at going forward.


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“Photographer here and candles around the ceremony chairs are the worst! People knock them down constantly and break them,” warned one viewer.

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