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On May 26, 2018, the United States Department of Agriculture issued a Class I recall of 228,614 pounds of two specific products made by the Hormel Foods Corporation, out of Fremont, New Hampshire. The recalled items are canned chicken and pork, specifically SPAM and Black Label Luncheon Loaf, and have been recalled due to reports of metal fragments found in the product.

The products in question were produced between February 8th and February 10th, 2018. The company was first made aware of the issue when four consumers reported finding metal fragments in the meat and some minor oral injuries.

The specific products in question are:

  • 12-oz. metal cans containing “SPAM Classic” with a “Best By” February 2021 date and production codes: F020881, F020882, F020883, F020884, F020885, F020886, F020887, F020888 and F020889. These products were shipped throughout the United States.
  • 12-oz. metal cans containing “Hormel Foods Black-Label Luncheon Loaf” with a “Best By” February 2021 date and production codes F02098 and F02108. These products were shipped to Guam only.

These items bear the labels:

These products were shipped to the United States and Guam, and bear the label “EST. 199N” on the bottom of the can. Consumers who have purchased these products should discard the item or return to the original place of purchase.

The USDA defines a Class I Recall: “This is a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”

Consumers with concerns or questions may contact Hormel Foods Consumer Response at 1-800-523-4635. Additional concerns or information is also available through the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline, 1-888-674-6854.

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