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Breaking Bad was a great show and we love it for a lot of reasons. On top of the incredible storyline and top-shelf acting performances, it felt like one of the last moments where all of America was watching the same show. We could not wait to discuss each episode with our friends and loved ones (and even our more pesky coworkers).

Now, the show is being re-imagined completely. The video that you are about to see is the brainchild of a video editor named Andrew Chaushesku.

Photo: YouTube/Not Default Cartoons

Andrew’s take on Breaking Bad is too funny, as it owes much to the Pixar style of filmmaking. It is enough to make you forget about the seamy underbelly of the criminal underworld that was being explored.

When the images are rendered like this, the show seems almost cuddly. Walter White comes across as more of a fun-loving guy when you put it like this.

Photo: YouTube/Not Default Cartoons

In fact, we are down for a whole series like this. How can a crystal meth dealer be made to look so friendly? Just look at him in his cute little apron! All jokes aside, Andrew has done a great job here and we cannot wait to show this one to all of the Breaking Bad fans in our lives.

The Pixar fans are sure to love this one, too. The clip from Andrew does not focus on the entire series, though. Instead, he has zeroed in on the most iconic scenes and given them the softer Pixar edges that we know and love.

Photo: YouTube/Not Default Cartoons

Now, we just need to hear what the Breaking Bad cast thinks of this video. We are willing to bet that they are going to be in stitches, too.

You can check out the original Breaking Bad trailer below and then compare it to the pixar-style remake:

What do you think? Let us know!

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